don’t chase the rabbit.


If you're having a bad night, need some cheering up with a good dose of period drama or just love Jane Austen. All links are either putlocker,  sockshare or youtube playlists.

Adaptions of Original Works:

P r i d e  a n d  P r e j u d i c e  |  [Read]  
S e n s e  a n d  S e n s i b i l i t y  |  [Read]  
N o r t h a n g e r  A b b e y  |  [Read]  
E m m a  |  [Read]  
P e r s u a s i o n  |  [Read
M a n s f i e l d  P a r k  |  [Read]  

Inspired By and Spinoffs:

Movies About Jane Austen:

"Why the frick is the Giver movie in color"

—everyone (via superwholocked-jedi)

“All the other fairies fly, why don’t you?”
“I had wings once. They were strong. They were stolen from me.

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Favorite Movies: Pitch Perfect (2012)
"If you think you can sing and dance your way through any issue, or your confused sexuality, think again. That’s high school. This is real life."

"It’s not obedience, Mr. Becket. It’s respect."



Rise of the Guardians | How to Train Your Dragon | Tangled | Wreck it Ralph | Brave | The Lorax | Frozen | Hotel Transylvania

star trek + places



I love Punziella’s work! Especially Rapunzel’s bangs and Elsa’s bun!

Anways, the new BIG SIX!!!


 86th Annual Academy Awards: Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Best Score, Best Director.